Journal entry: 03/02/17

As part of my graded unit I will be making weekly journal entries in order to show those involved where I am at, and how I am progressing.

What was happening at this moment?

For most of this week I was focusing on my graded unit, first stage, re-submission, as I have fell under the mark, in order to move forward with the work. in order to receive the mark I will need, I will have to meet all of the required criteria for each piece of work before the day of re-submission.

Documentary: Comic Shops of Glasgow

My documentary subject was be based on the comic book shops of Glasgow. so far, and up until this point, I hadn’t done any filming for this documentary, as I was still waiting on hearing word back about getting permission to film in the stores situated around central Glasgow.

However, while waiting to hear back from these stores, I focused the time I had looking at the subject, trying to find new ways of approaching it rather than going down a classic route.

My GU Show-reel

so far on this project I have not filmed much, but I do have something. Footage gathered from a film I helped with earlier on last month, so this is a start at least and on the bright side, it also also good quality footage.

I have been given a list of shots by my lecturer which would be good to have in the show-reel, and that I will be ticking off one at a time. these shots include:

  • Dolly
  • Pan
  • Static
  • Tilt (Dutch)
  • Zoom
  • Wide

all of these shots must be clean-cut, pin sharp and properly colour corrected in order to work in this project.

due to a lack of footage on my part, I only have limited time to gather footage that is of a good standard and put it all together to make a worth while piece of work.




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