Journal entry: 10/02/17

What was happening at this moment?

After being given the green light to move forward with my graded unit, i turned my focus onto securing locations for filming my documentary and gathering footage for my graded unit.

Documentary: changing subjects

For my documentary, my idea was to film a piece, talking about the comic book stores of Glasgow. However, this was not going according to plan, so far, as I hadn’t heard anything back from either of the stores about permission to film on their premises.

I then got word back from Forbidden Planet, one of the main focuses of the documentary, informing me that they could not allow me to film in the store, as they felt was just too small of a space, and they didn’t want their customers feeling uncomfortable with being surrounded by cameras and people filming.

However, apart from Forbidden Planet, neither of the stores actually sent word back to me on filming, so I made a creative decision to turn my documentary towards another topic, something I felt I could really make work.

My GU Show-reel

So far, as regards to my show-reel I have some footage I shot for a classmates short film, “Demons”. this footage is very good in quality and I managed to capture a rack-focus shot and some close-ups. I was also looking at my HNC graded unit and was pondering on whether or not to use footage from my short from that year, however, after looking through this footage carefully, I decided against this as I feel it is not my best work and I could have done far better with it.



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