Journal entry: 23.03.17

Recently I have been working on my After Effects skills as I have been tasked with making an animated logo for my production company. Each week I have been following tutorials in making specifics, mainly logo’s, or something similar in order to, hopefully gain some inspiration for when it comes to the production of my own logo.

Today I started a tutorial on Graffiti writing, this gave me an idea for my logo; having the word degenerate in a completely different font from the other words, I plan on using the same, or something along the lines of the way the the tutorial looks in having degenerate appear in a sort of spray paint sequence using the stroke effect which I managed to pick up fairly easily.

There is a link to the tutorial below:

I ran this by my lecturer, to which he talked me through what I associated with the word ‘Degenerate’ and advised me to translate this into my animation, and to take the idea I got from the tutorial, but also look out for other sort of graffiti or degenerate sequences which i could take inspiration from, he also advised me to search for different fonts in order to give me a range which I could choose from.



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