Journal Entry: 7.04.17

Today, as part of my documentary I travelled on down to Cliftonhill stadium with Dale to film the remains of my documentary about Albion Rovers.

As soon as we arrived we quickly set-up as there was to be one of the Rover’s Easter camp’s taking place at the same time as the filming, and along w/ Daniel Mossie, began to round up both players, coaches and managers that we would later on be interviewing. amongst those interviewed were; Antony McMinn, who was the Rover’s first team coach at the time and Daniel Mossie, who is the head of the social media department with the Rovers.

I feel that this was a successful shoot day for both me and Dale, not just for the purpose of my documentary but for our work with the Rovers’s as well. we captured some good footage of the coaches interacting with the children, going through drills and just playing some football in general. as well as some great establishing shots of the club stadium to really start the documentary off, and of course…the interviews, which were not staged and have a more on the spot feel to them.


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