Journal Entry: 19.05.17

So today we had the rough-cut presentations and it’s safe to say that mines weren’t so bad, the lecturer obviously commented on my lack of footage and the length of the footage which was featured, which he claimed was a bit too long in duration and that I should attempt to shorten them if it is possible, I have taken this advice and already began to shorten them and add in more shots to break it up a little. One of the major points he brought up was my soundtrack, which he said was good, however, if I am to use this later in the final cut, I should consider placing the footage to suit the track rather than just have the footage scattered like I had in the rough-cut, but if not, then I should consider having another track as a backup, which I have already sorted as of this post.

Overall the presentation went well, and I have walked away from it with a clear view of how I want my final cut to look.


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