Laurent Danis showreel – Camera Operator

Like previous videos, I found Laurent Danis’ showreel on Vimeo.

The showreel itself is a great piece of work, featuring very nice shots which are well composed, colour balanced and focused. However, it almost feels repetitive as all I am seeing when watching is different kinds of footage but all from the same place, if that makes sense?. The music, however, went really nicely with the showreel and I probably wouldn’t have changed it myself, however, after watching this I think I will be doing my best to keep my footage as non-repetitive as possible.

Overall it was a good showreel, showcasing the creator’s ability to work a camera, however, I would stay away from using the same footage over and over, if it can be done.


James Takata showreel – Camera Operator

Like Keruzore’s showreel, I found James Takata’s on Vimeo.

James Takata is essentially well established both within the industry itself and as a camera operator, having worked on major television series productions such as Dexter and Sons of Anarchy.

his showreel showcases his work both as a camera operator and Steadicam operator and features footage that he shot from both Dexter and SOA as well as other productions. the footage featured features a wide range of shots, including; close-up, tracking shot and rack focus to name a few. ideally, this is the type of showreel I would want to try and emulate, on which doesn’t feature the same shots over and over, but rather showcases my knowledge of camera work by featuring many different types of shots as seen in this reel. The music used in the reel is really good, however, again due to personal preference, I would prefer a bouncier track rather than a more classical sounding track. 

Overall this is a really good showreel to watch, it features established footage used in major productions which are well done and properly shot, and along with the track the showreel flows really nicely.

Martin Keruzore showreel – Camera Operator

I found Martin Keruzore’s showreel on the website Vimeo.

I liked the camera work which I have seen during the duration of the reel, however as the showreel itself was very much restricted to a specific theme (watersports), I felt this limited the C.O. to what he could actually film and in what way he could film it, also, I felt as if there was too much seen in this reel if I am being honest and I think the duration could have been cut down to maybe a minute and a half or so. the music used was very suited to the reel and was used to great effect, however, due to personal taste I would have most likely used an instrumental track.

overall I think this was a very nice piece of work and showcased the creators abilities very well in the field of camera operation, however, after viewing the reel, I think I will be sticking to my original plan and keeping my reel to a duration of one minute and thirty seconds and use an instrumental track to go over it.