Martin Keruzore showreel – Camera Operator

I found Martin Keruzore’s showreel on the website Vimeo.

I liked the camera work which I have seen during the duration of the reel, however as the showreel itself was very much restricted to a specific theme (watersports), I felt this limited the C.O. to what he could actually film and in what way he could film it, also, I felt as if there was too much seen in this reel if I am being honest and I think the duration could have been cut down to maybe a minute and a half or so. the music used was very suited to the reel and was used to great effect, however, due to personal taste I would have most likely used an instrumental track.

overall I think this was a very nice piece of work and showcased the creators abilities very well in the field of camera operation, however, after viewing the reel, I think I will be sticking to my original plan and keeping my reel to a duration of one minute and thirty seconds and use an instrumental track to go over it.



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