Talk to Me (2006)

Talk to Me is a 2006 short documentary film directed by British filmmaker Mark Craig and Chronicles Craig’s relationships over a period of 20 years using answer machine tapes and photos from the time which he collected and kept over time. The recordings, which were originally kept as a diary but eventually turned into the film.

The film is interestingly presented to the viewer through a Rostrum camera which focuses on pictures relating to the voice message which is being heard at the time. This is the very first time which I have seen a Rostrum camera being used and from what I have seen, it was used to great effect.

The soundtrack is featured as a nice touch to the feature. The film begins with a light-hearted tone, using heavier music from the time as Craig reflects on past friendships and relationships, however, during the part where it is revealed his father is diagnosed with cancer, the music switched from the 80’s metal to a more soft or sad tone of music as to work with what is being presented on-screen.

In conclusion to my review of Talk to Me, I would say that this is a very interesting take on a very simple subject. The narrative is strong and is simply detailing one’s life, however, the way it is presented visually may drive viewers away as this may come off as boring, however, I believe that it is the story being told that matters, rather than visuals.


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