Journal Entry: 09.06.17

As I reflect on my presentation today, I am not impressed with my performance over the entirety of the GU process and believe I could have done a lot more than what I showed today.

To make matters worse, as I left my house I managed to forget to pick up my documentary which was on my pen-drive, therefore presenting without a vital piece of work, however, I presented my showreel, the main focus of the presentation.

Although my presentation wasn’t bad in relation to my showreel, the panel of lecturers did manage to pick out parts of the showreel which I myself know I could have improved if I had applied myself a little earlier in the process.

Overall I think my presentation reflected more on my continued procrastination throughout the course rather than what I am truly capable of.


Journal Entry: 08.06.17

One more day to go and that’s it, all over and done with, feels strange, to be honest, however, there is still plenty of work to be carried out before the presentation tomorrow.

so far I have my showreel complete and ready for presentation, which I am very pleased with, as this was beyond my expectations. my documentary is almost ready, however, I still need to apply my voice over as a means of blending the footage together to make any sense, and I will be working through until the morning in order to make this work.

Ideally I would have preferred to be sleeping right now with all of my work complete and ready, however, due to continued procrastination this is not possible, and as I reflect on my graded unit, I do not know what to expect.

Journal Entry: 06.06.17

The lack of posts is due to me focusing on fixing many of the issues that have come along with my documentary.

At this stage, I feel like what I have is what I will have to present to be honest, as the next few days need to be focused on getting just a strong narrative so not to be picked apart during the presentation.

I have attempted all things possible in the editing process to fix the wrongs in relation to my footage but the way it is looking is there isn’t much of a difference, and this was caused by my lack of attention to detail as opposed to just getting filming out the way, therefore I essentially rushed the process due to leaving it until last minute (story of my life).

Nonetheless, I will make it to the presentation regardless and will be hoping to make a good impression in order to not make my last year another missed opportunity.

Journal Entry: 03.06.17

My showreel is completed! Finally.

today I finished my final cut, complete with the original soundtrack and the footage placed carefully to suit it. all of the footage has been appropriately colour corrected and framed and has been uploaded to youtube. it also features a required copyright notice which features contact details and credits for those involved in the making of the reel.

Journal Entry: 02.01.17

Today I have been working on fixing my documentary as much as possible as it is the weakest of my two edits.

although some of the footage I have gathered seems to be for the most part good, like I have previously stated, my lack of  a good lighting system has ultimately made some parts appear grainy and underexposed, I am attempting to bump up the exposure and fix the colour balance in hopes that it removes some of the graininess.

I have also made an attempt at recording my voice over, and appear to be getting somewhere as I already have a rough recording, however, there is some stuttering and background noise hear therefore I will be making a few recordings in order to have a choice.

Journal Entry: 01.06.17

Over the past few weeks I have approached my work with a very lazy attitude, and due to this have fallen behind majorly in almost all of my modules, including my graded unit and documentary. I have also taken extended time off, which isn’t ideal in my current situation.

Overall I have the bare minimum of a documentary, which I would not even consider to be a rough cut at this rate, and I have yet to continue my final cut of my showreel, and with my final presentation fast approaching, I should definitely be getting to work ASAP, therefore I have set myself a task, to have both my documentary and showreel completed by the 5-th and at the latest the 6th.

This attitude of mine won’t be continuing as it is far too late in the course now to be leaving any work until the last minute.

Journal Entry: 19.05.17

So today we had the rough-cut presentations and it’s safe to say that mines weren’t so bad, the lecturer obviously commented on my lack of footage and the length of the footage which was featured, which he claimed was a bit too long in duration and that I should attempt to shorten them if it is possible, I have taken this advice and already began to shorten them and add in more shots to break it up a little. One of the major points he brought up was my soundtrack, which he said was good, however, if I am to use this later in the final cut, I should consider placing the footage to suit the track rather than just have the footage scattered like I had in the rough-cut, but if not, then I should consider having another track as a backup, which I have already sorted as of this post.

Overall the presentation went well, and I have walked away from it with a clear view of how I want my final cut to look.

Journal Entry: 15.05.17

Doing some last minute touches to my rough cut for my showreel for presentation on the 19th, so far I have enough footage to get by at 45 seconds which is all properly colour corrected and placed effectively, however, it does not feature a required copyright notice, but I will add that once I begin my final cut.

I also began writing up a voice over for my ARFC documentary, and have a rough idea of what I want to talk about, but so far I have a brief history of the rovers, mentions of who I am interviewing and a little about their work within their community, however, there has to be much more added in the coming days.

Journal Entry: 12.05.17

Relating to my last post, I didn’t manage to find the time to shoot some extra footage, so instead have decided that after the rough-cut presentations is will be adding a little more of my creative break work to it, however, I am not sure how this will fly with the lecturers who will be examining the final cut at another presentation set for the 9th of June.

The footage I have is well shot, colour balanced and focused, which is the essentially the criteria which I need to meet for the final presentation so I think I am on the right track.

Journal Entry: 10.05.17

I took a break from my documentary for today and started preparing my rough cut of my showreel for presentation on the 19th of May. Already I have made it to 45 seconds and have much more to add to the reel, I think that I could be doing with a little bit of extra footage, however, and will likely be heading out in the coming days to shoot, but for now I think it is a good start, I even have my track featured which in my opinion is good!